Music & Meta Data

SInce 2010 I have been experimenting with the extensive meta-tagging of music, to try to find new ways to interact and present music. For the first version (1.0) of Fluxic I created the “Expanding Meta Work“, based on this. All music here has been tagged with a very large number of attributes, which provides new opportunities for the presentation of the music. I am even getting surprises from my own music, when using some of the more unusual tags, that selects music across a different angle.

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Even without hearing the music you can get a very good idea about what it sounds like[/gdlr_quote]

The DDEX standard developed by a range of major players did not fully cover the amount of tags I needed, so I created a proprietary tagging system for this. You may try out the implementation on the Music Search feature of the Expanding Meta Work.

The Music Search feature allows pinpoint searches for music that e.g. fits a certain visual cue, music that has a subjective mood or characteristic, music that contains certain instruments etc.