Mutable Instruments: Clouds

Let’s split it up

A recent addition to my Eurorack Modular system is the “Clouds” module from Mutable Instruments.

Clouds is a “Graintable” synthesizer / sampler. It samples audio from the input, and splits it into atoms.

These atoms can be re-arranged, pitched, re-positioned, resized etc, and in between those settings lies an interesting world of moving and otherwordly timbres.

Most controls are CV-controllable, and there are Trigger and Freeze for automated flows.

The pitch is voltage controllable by 1V/Oct, so once you have found a sweet spot, you will be able to play melodic stuff with it.

I have other modules capable of doing something similar this, but still Clouds has it’s own way with excellent results.

Plus its fully stereo – for those really potent moving soundscapes.

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09839-002A-980x550 Fluxic Subscores: “Hauntsville Chambers”

A recent ambient soundscape piece featuring Clouds.

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