Oblique Strategies – Extended

I have always been a big fan of Brian Eno‘s “Oblique Strategies” concept. The thought of letting chance influence on your work is very appealing, since it prevents you from being stuck in comfort zones and “business as usual”. The random concept was already put to use early on, e.g. on chord selections, and arrangement decisions.

The original Oblique Strategies card game has deliberately kept the options open and general, so it could match a broad variety of situations, genres and workflows. But I have adapted it to fit modern production methods, and adjusted it to match my exact gear setup. Plus added a lot of extra options that allows me to dig even deeper and more targeted in the field of randomness and algorithmic unpredictability.

So I have constructed an “Oblique Strategies Extended” database, that allows me to input further options and have random picks selected on demand. Once fully tested I will add it to this site.

Several sites offers the original Oblique Strategies as a function:

– http://stoney.sb.org/eno/oblique.html

Check out the full Wiki story of Oblique Strategies here: