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Fluxic Mind: “Stepdaddy’s Dirty”


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[09685-006]  (7:11) – BPM108.

Housy, Groovy, Samples, Vocals.

This word sequence was a result of a random sampling session.

A somewhat provocative quote, with multiple meanings. Make up your own…

Together with the acoustic guitar riff and the housy beat, the laconic voice gives the track a hypnotic feel, which is quite danceable.

So I felt inspired to add an extra vocal part, which acts as sort of a chorus, sung by myself in a disco falsetto voice.

The words in this chorus are are identical to the verse, only performed in a very different way.


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Ranumusic 09685-006

BPM: 108

Duration: 7:11

See all details of this song on Fluxic.

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