Posted on 24/07/1985

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The Linn Sequencer

The Roger Linn legacy Everybody in the recording business has probably heard about the LinnDrum. A series of high end drum machines, developed by legendary instrument designer Roger Linn. The drum machines appeared in various permutations – the LM-1, the LM-2 and the Linn 9000. With the LM-2 as the most widespread and recognizable. The […]

Posted on 02/02/1985

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Linn LM-2 “LinnDrum” Drum Machine

Thud-tick-whack-tick… The LM-2 drum machine from Roger Linn is an absolute classic, and the model you probably refer to when mentioning “LinnDrum”. Incidentally this is also printed in large letters on the front. When first launched it was considered to be one of the most realistic sounding drum machines. Countless classic hit records have been made with – or […]