Generic Plugin Editor for Logic Pro X Environment

You may know the problem. A plethora of VST/AU soft synths and effects, all with different user interfaces, that forces you to adapt your working style to every new plugin you use. Existing generic controllers (Novation Automaps, Mackie Controls etc) are helpful, but often with a confusing adaptation and limited functionality. Logic’s built-in Channel Strip functionality is practical but limited and must be reconfigured for every channel strip.

The Generic Synth Editor

To deal with this, I started working on a Generic Plugin Editor interface in the Logic environment, so that all plugins can be operated in a simllar and familiar manner. Korg Nanocontrol 2s are used as hardware controllers for their tiny footprint. 6 of those gives you 96 real-time parameters to fool around with, which is sufficient to get detailed control of most synths and plugins.

The environment editor needs to be adapted for plugins you want to use, but once done you can achieve fine control and excellent results. You can even design features and shortcuts that are not available on the plugin itself.

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Photos & Screenshots
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Extra functionality

Current I have designed patch randomizers, normalizers and macros for each synth. This greatly expands the sound pallette, and produces a new and fast way of programming new sounds.

Adding new devices

Currently there’s about 45 templates ready to use (see list below). They are all stored in my autoload and thus available to all sessions.

Adding a new device is takes about 2 hours for the basic functionality and another 2 hours for the extra functionality. Most of the working consists of labelling and entering numbers, but once done it is rock solid.

Current Device List
  • Arp Odyssey (G-Force)
  • Arp 2600V (Arturia)
  • Camel Audio (AU Effect)
  • GRM Band Pass Filter (AU Effect)
  • Izotope Iris 2 (AU)
  • Korg MonoPoly (AU)
  • Korg MS-20 (AU)
  • Korg PolySix (AU)
  • GForce OSCar (AU)
  • GForce Virtual String Machine (AU)
  • Moog MiniMoog (Arturia)
  • Waldorf Largo (AU)
  • Waldorf PPG Wave 3
  • Waldorf Pulse (Hardware)
  • Waldorf Nave (iPad)
  • Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • NI Battery
  • NI Massive
  • NI Kontakt 5
  • NI Reaktor FastFX
  • NI Reaktor Krypt
  • NI Reaktor Grainstates
  • NI Reaktor LimeLite
  • NI Reaktor Lurker
  • NI Reaktor Metaphysical Function
  • NI Reaktor Scenario
  • NI Reaktor SpaceDrone
  • NI Reaktor Steampipe
  • NI Reaktor StepShifter
  • NI Reaktor VierRing
  • NI Reaktor Newskool
  • NI Reaktor GoBox
  • NI Reaktor Massive
  • NI Reaktor Aerobic
  • NI Reaktor SineBeats
  • Oberheim OB-X  (Arturia)
  • Roland Jupiter-8V (Arturia)
  • Roland Super Jupiter (Hardware)
  • Roland SH-01 (Hardware)
  • Roland TR-8 (Hardware)
  • Sequencial Prophet V (Arturia)
  • XILS-4 (AU)