The A.I. Radio Station

When machines take over
“Play me some music, Hal…”

Progress in Artificial Intelligence and music research is advancing rapidly. So within a foreseeable future we will hear music that is entirely generated and performed by computers. An automatic radio station like the one I have mocked up in this post, will become a reality.

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Can you claim composers’ credits, when you have not composed anything?[/gdlr_quote]

You can already make you own little musical creations on sites like, where you input some general criteria, and music is automatically generated for you, according to your choices. Who knows – maybe it is good enough for a small corporate video or web presentation. There are already examples of even high profiled brands that are using this to generate royalty-free music for their productions.

Impacts on Copyrights

This will inevitably have serious impact on the whole copyright side of the music industry, since the copyrights become blurred in this process. Who is the actual writer of this music? Can you claim composers’ credits, when you have not composed anything?

The PRS and copyright societies will have a hard time sorting this out, and a number of publishers may eventually go out of business on this account.