Video Recorders – Brilliant Analog Audio Tape Decks

The analog video standards and production methods have now become mostly irrelevant with the advent of cheap digital video equipment of high quality, So a lot of old analog equipment can now be found at reasonable prices.

The good thing is, that premium analog video recorders also can serve as high quality audio tape recorders, matching or even superseding the quality of the heralded 1/4-inch reel-to-reel recorders. And the cassette based video tape formats are much more convenient than the open reel format.

So if you’re in for an analog tape recorder, you should check out this option. Look for U-Matic or preferably Betacam SP machines with low hours on the capstan and heads. On pro machines this is logged in the machine itself and can be displayed or readu out. It should still be possible to find new media also. If you can get your hands on a cleaning tape also, this is beneficial, since it’s the best (only?) way to clean dirty mechanisms and heads.

Once hooked up, you may enjoy the familiar and desirable glueing effect of analog tape, at a very modest price.