Posted on 16/11/2016

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Ranum: “Not that Easy” (Video)

Medium tempo, sticky, melancholic, slowly building.  [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#324928″ ] “I think to myself that life would be so much better without you. When it suddenly becomes reality, how come that the good moments tend to reappear and the small devil starts talking in my ear? Deep inside I know that […]

Posted on 19/02/2015

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Ranum: “Destination: Unknown” (video)

Moderately slow, melancholic and epic.  [gdlr_video url=”” ]   [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#324928″ ] “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving!”, you shout, as you slam the door and walk away. Silently hoping that they will feel great remorse and loss, once they realize that you are gone. Standing determined angry on the empty train station, waiting for the […]

Posted on 13/09/2012

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  [09499-118]  (3:57)  Edgy and heavy electro-rock anthem. [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#324928″ corner_color=”#324928″ ]”She steps through the room in a cat like fashion. The depth of her imagination scares me. Shades of genuine passion is accentuating her fluid moves. Her humble subordinates bow in awe as she passes them on her way to […]