[09499-118]  (3:57)  Edgy and heavy electro-rock anthem.

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[gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#324928″ corner_color=”#324928″ ]”She steps through the room in a cat like fashion. The depth of her imagination scares me. Shades of genuine passion is accentuating her fluid moves. Her humble subordinates bow in awe as she passes them on her way to the bar.
Hail to the Queen! The Queen of your Sex.”[/gdlr_styled_box]

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Queen of your sex
Star of your Age

Queen of now
Queen of here
Ruler of the innocent
and never shed a tear

Queen of your sex
Star of your Age

Queen of love
Queen of live
Ruler of the lonely souls
close to the divine

Queen of your sex
Star of your age

All those who cried
“Oh, Lord I’m coming”
All the souls you saved so far
soon will be dancing on your grave

Queen of your sex
Star of your age

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Story & Production notes

This song is harder than the more mellow sound of most of my solo efforts. But obviously also a side that I had to explore. And you can actually find other examples on this in the Ranum Solo area, too.

The main 2 lines  “Queen of your sex – Star of your Age” were written by one of the classic maestros – William Shakespeare (if he did the actual writing…). But the words could easily have been written today, being just as relevant as it was then. Or perhaps even more.

The words were recited by Christian Peulicke Larsen and overdubbed by me.

The singing is a bit edgier than usual, with an intense chorused sound.

The original main Roland MKS-80 synth sequence already had a sort of rock feel to it, and it was further overdubbed with shredder guitars by Christian Ingendahl and Jakob Ranum. This gave the track quite a heavy – almost metal – character. while maintaining the sinister vibe, matching the lyrics subject well.

Various grainified snippets of talking and nature sounds adds to the uneasy feeling. These were created with the Cycling ’74 “Pluggo” Audio Tools suite.

Towards the end you can catch a phrase of the late and great guitarist Hilmer Hassig performing some intense and magic guitar rage.

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Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode

Composed and performed by Jesper Ranum

Vocals: Jesper Ranum, Christian Peulicke Larsen

Guitars: Christian Ingendahl, Hilmer Hassig, Jakob Ranum

Cat.No.: 09499-118

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