DéFilm – Nyhavn Studio


Located in a very old part of Copenhagen in the world famous and adorable Nyhavn, was DéFilms first studio. In a back yard in the absolute center of Nyhavn, we had a large basement lease, where the first DéFilm studio was assembled.

df-studios-nyhavn31-entry The entry to the Nyhavn rehearsal studio in No. 31


In order to avoid bleeding sound to the neighbours, the whole live room was literally packed in Rockwool. A wall with a window separated the live room from the combined control room and band leisure area. The rehearsal space was merged with the studio, so we were always recording the rehearsals and evaluating the result afterwards.

The room was big but with a low ceiling, which gave it a cosy and intimate character with a tight sound.


The studio consisted of a mix of gear:

Mixer, speakers, microphones and other traditional studio parts came from Lars Nygaard and Søren Riis-Vestergaards previous studio setup – “To Trin Ned” in Vestergade, Copenhagen.

I moved in all gear from my personal studio – keyboards, drum machines, effect units, recorders etc. (see Studio – version 2).

Posing with PPG, Roland System 100M, SH-5A and TR-808 in Studio version 3

Posing with PPG Wave 2.2, Roland System 100-M, Roland SH-5A and Roland TR-808 in b/g in the Nyhavn studio


DéFilm recorded constantly and produced a large number of demos in the Nyhavn studio. Watch these pages for upcoming uploads of the best demo recordings from Nyhavn.

Spoon in my mouth




747 - Slow (1983)

747 - Very slow (1982)