Roland System 100M 182 Sequencer

The sequencer module made for the legendary Roland System 100M Modular Synthesizer, is actually quite basic, but still very useful indeed.

It can be used as 2 individual rows of up to 8 steps – or serially for up to 16 step operation.


Each row has a separate CV output, with a range switch for more detailed adjustments.

The “Mode” switch determines how the sequencer reacts to triggering. “Repeat” makes the sequence start over again every time it reaches the end. “Single” stops the sequence after one full cycle. “Step” mode advances the sequencer one step each time a trigger is received.

The “Portamento” control is global and can only be manually controlled. It smoothes the CV between the steps, for softer jumps.

The “Step Number” button determines the number of steps that are counted before the sequencer restarts. For parallel operation this affects both rows, in serial mode it affects the last row only, enabling you to make odd counting sequences.

The sequencer manages standard sequencing duties, as well as more advanced uses. With the portamento switch you can use it as a multi-stage envelope generator.

Using the sequencer as an extended Envelope Generator.




Using both channels of the sequencer it is possible to control the tempo of each step in channel 1 (8 steps), by the cv controls in channel 2.

Control the tempo of each step in a sequence