Using analog sequencers as advanced Envelope Generators.

Among the many uses for an analog sequencer in a modular synth system, is using it as an advanced, multi-point envelope generator.

  • Assign a trigger out from your keyboard to the “Trigger/Gate In” on your analog sequencer.
  • Set the sequencer mode to “Single”, meaning that the sequencer will run through only one time, every time a key is pressed. (Different modes on the sequencer may reset it on every trigger, or otherwise modify the cycle behaviour).
  • Patch the voltage output from the sequencer into a CV destination – e.g. a VCF. The filter will receive the sequence on every keypress and respond accordingly.
  • Use the portamento control to interpolate the steps, for a smooth rather than stepped curve.
  • The sequencer now works as an envelope generator with 8, 16 or more points, allowing for much more sophisticated envelope contours than your average ADSR-style envelope.