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The new Epicenter

For the last 10 years the Copenhagen association “STRØM” has arranged events, urban festivals, and promoted electronic music in Denmark. And has been steadily growing each year. Head of Strøm – Frederik Birket-Smith – and his team have been avidly fighting for funding and acceptance of the community on a larger scale. Strøm has hosted multiple educational events and talk sessions within their own framework.  After dealing with the authorities on multiple occasions, Strøm was an obvious choice as a negotiation partner for future projects and plans for boosting the electronic music community.

The breakthrough

Recently Strøm has had a major breakthrough in its efforts to get financial support from the authorities to expand their efforts. From the beginning of 2017 Strøm will receive a healthy injection of capital for the project, and the association has already stepped up its activities to reflect this.

With support from sponsors, Strøm recently conducted a major survey of the electronic music scene, trying to involve all the different genres and people from all areas of the scene – artists, producers, DJs, bookers, labels etc.

Strøm is actively supporting sub-communities like Elektronisk Musik Danmark and Dansk Modular, and is working to spread its wings to every corner of Denmark to become a de facto umbrella organisation for all things electronic music.

No doubt it will be easier to deal with authorities and funding organisations, when the scene is able to speak as a united entity. So it will be exciting to follow Strøms progress in the time to come.