Posted on 10/05/1999

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Fluxic: “Second”. A generative predecessor

  “Second” is a predecessor to the current Fluxic line of experimental algorithmic tracks. Sequenced & recorded in 1997, the track is a quasi-live (sequenced) recording with no overdubs, directly to CD. An arbitrary selection of sounds, featuring arrangement randomizing & event probability. The track maintains a calm, steady atmosphere, with no – or very little – repetition […]

Posted on 22/06/1990

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Dansk Tipstjeneste: “Modeshow”

[gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] “Please copy this world hit…” Danish former gambling monopoly “Dansk Tipstjeneste” produced a range of commercials in the early 1990’s, all featuring the theme from Vangelis “Chariots of Fire”. The original recording was unobtainable for copyright or financial reasons, so I was asked to an exact re-make clone of the theme. […]