Posted on 26/06/2016

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Lost in the options

Too much of a good thing? Many electronic musicians and producers have gathered large collections of instruments, plug-ins and devices in order to be as flexible as possible. But in many cases this flexibility can slow down your creativity, as you are struggling to choose which option to use for the current task. Jack of all […]

Posted on 19/06/2016

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The Vocal Dilemma

The hen or the egg? Everyone making modern pop music has probably been in one of the following dilemmas: “I have this great little pop song, but how do I make an interesting musical scenario around it, without messing up the simple appeal of the song?” “I have a great instrumental track, but how do I […]

Posted on 17/04/2016

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Self-updating Music

Since 2000 the music business and economy has changed drastically. The income potential for music is much lower, with only a few of the traditional sources left intact. Live music is one of them – and music for media is another. But both avenues are very crowded with loads of artists fighting for few opportunities. […]

Posted on 28/04/2006

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The Spielberg Incident

I have had a few incidents that made me wonder “Where it did that come from”? One such incident was the production of an international Nokia commercial (“Connecting People” – remember?), that was linked to the launch of a new Steven Spielberg movie – “Minority report” – featuring Tom Cruise. Via a Danish agency – DanesAdWork […]