Posted on 10/06/2016

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Spatial Dimensions in Music

In the beginning of recorded history, it was an accomplishment in itself just to be able to record something and play it back. The recordings were monophonic – with sound coming from a single sound source. As technical development progressed, experiments were carried out with more sound sources (speakers) in order to create a more […]

Posted on 22/05/2013

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SM Audio M-Patch 5.1

Surround Monitor controllers come in 2 main flavours – active and passive. The active monitor switchers has circuitry that makes it comfortable and flexible to switch settings. However, this may come at an expense to the sound quality, since the signal passes through additional circuits before hitting your ears. This may lead to misjudgments about […]

Posted on 28/04/2006

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The Spielberg Incident

I have had a few incidents that made me wonder “Where it did that come from”? One such incident was the production of an international Nokia commercial (“Connecting People” – remember?), that was linked to the launch of a new Steven Spielberg movie – “Minority report” – featuring Tom Cruise. Via a Danish agency – DanesAdWork […]