Posted on 19/04/2016

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Arkaos Grand VJ

In early 2016 I acquired the Arkaos “Grand VJ” software. This Mac OSX app can run MIDI-synchronised video, graphics and images to the music. You assign clips and images to MIDI note numbers and send these numbers from your DAW or MIDI sequencer in sync with the music. You can even perform the video live on […]

Posted on 06/04/2016

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Video: “2-3-Selector”

My very first video experiment with Fluxic, so please forgive the ignorance and rookie moves :-). An animated graphics video with images and words from the Fluxic 1.0 work. The music is sparse, mesmerizing and hypnotical with a laconic, partly spoken vocal. And the video is somewhat futuristic and mechanical, with superimposed words to go […]

Posted on 01/02/2016

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Telestream WireCast

Fluxic now incorporates a full TV-station With the addition of the Telestream WireCast software for the Mac Pro, future Fluxic events and concerts can now be live streamed directly from the studio. I am currently carrying out experiments with a basic setup of 2 HDMI cameras and a webcam, with extra cameras planned. Expect the first webcast […]