Bløndal Studio


Before opening my own commercial facility in 1986 I worked for quite a long period in the Hjörtur Bløndal Studio, located in the same building in Gammel Kongevej 47B, 4th floor, where I later opened my studio. The Icelandic born Bløndal was another early synth adaptor, collector and studio owner, who moved to Copenhagen from Aarhus in the early 1980’s. After being involved with several bands from Aarhus – most notably “Kliché” featuring Danish crooner Lars HUG – he relocated, and hooked up with Medley Records as a production studio for quite a few acts of the time. I was in charge of a string of them, and enjoyed Bløndals hospitality and gear collection, which was quite extensive at the time. I brought my own synth racks too, and our combined forces was definitely the largest synthesizer and keyboard collection in Denmark at the time.

Among the more exotic electronic music gear in Bløndals studio was:
– The Oxford Synthesizer Company’s OSCar synth
– The WASP Synth
– The PPG Waveterm, Wave 2 and Processor Keyboard
The Linn Sequencer
– The Prophet VS Synth
– The Akai S-612 Sampler
– Moog Source
– E-Mu SP-12
– The E-mu Emulator

Besides producing for my own band, DéFilm, I was involved with quite a lot of other productions in Bløndal Studio in this period: Time Gallery, Back to Back, Michael Falch, Kim Larsen, Suzann, Lars HUG and many more – most of them for Medley Records.

I worked in the studio up until I opened my own commercial facility on the 3rd floor in the same building, immediately below Bløndal Studio.