Roland JP-08 Boutique

It is not the size that matters….

The Fluxic synth collection has been expanded by 2 Roland JP-08 Boutique “Jupiters”.
Although not a full Jupiter-8, it has roughly the same architecture, and brings back the tactile interface, the fat sound and the fast editing.

I owned an original Jupiter-8 from 1984 to 1986. It was coupled to a Roland MC-4B MicroComposer via a proprietary DCB (Digital Communication Bus) interface for sequencing. The Jupiter-8 was replaced by 2 Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiters, featuring an almost similar sound engine. The Super Jupiters were better suited for sequencing in live situations. The live rig for my 80s band “DeFilm” included 2 MKS-80’s controlled by Roland MSQ-100 Midi Sequencers.

The MKS-80 are brilliant, and I still have one running. In my view it is the finest analog polyphonic synth Roland has produced. The original MPG-80 editor panel made it very easy to program. And this panel has been duplicated in the JP-08 – with even smaller control faders. This makes it somewhat harder to program than the MPG-80, but it is nonetheless useful for quick sound shaping.

I have mounted the JP-08s in a custom case together with the Korg Volca Sample and Volca Beat sound generators and the Arturia Beatstep Pro sequencer for a complete and compact music box.

Silencing the sequencer

The JP-08 built-in sequencer responds to MIDI Clock and Start/Stop commands. So you’ll have to erase any sequences in your patches if you want the sequence to be inactive while receiving clock from an external sequencer.

Command references
Erasing a sequence

Click Manual+Shift > Click/hold the lit steps to unlight and silence them

Set MIDI Channel:

Hold “Manual”+[2] > Select MIDI Channel (while still holding Manual)

Store a Patch

Enter the first digit (left side) and “long-click” second digit (left side) to store the patch under that number.

  • Type: Digital Hardware Synthesizer
  • Manufacturer: Roland
  • Model: JP-08 Boutique
  • Acquired: January 2016 (2 pcs)