Snippets 1980s




Short stories & Playful sounds (1980-89)

Snippets 1980s

90219-002M @ 1985

Snippets 1980s

90043-001M @ 1988

Snippets 1980s

09041-004M @ 1986

Snippets 1980s

09041-005M @ 1987

90289-002M @ 1984

15 Track(s)

These are the results from diverse musical experiments blended together and covers the period from 1977 > 1989

Not unlike the Residents’ now cult “Commercial Album”,  the “Snippets” albums is a quad album collection of small music bits & pieces. Track starters with some promise, that may – or may not – be further developed

This compilation has been put together for fun, reference and inspiration and is not meant to be a coherent work.

Rather it should be viewed as an unrelated collection of small inspirational bits, showing progress and developments over a period of time. Some bits are also used for reference throughout the site.

From the first demo to release – and further

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