Snippets 1990s




Short Stories & Playful Sounds (1990-1999)

09463-003 @ 1998

09332-004M @ 1997

29 Track(s)

These are the results from diverse musical experiments blended together and covers the period from 1990-1999.

Not unlike the Residents’ now cult “Commercial Album”,  the “Snippets” albums is a quad album collection of small music bits & pieces. Track starters with some promise, that may – or may not – be further developed

This compilation has been put together for fun, reference and inspiration and is not meant to be a coherent work.

Rather it should be viewed as an unrelated collection of small inspirational bits, showing progress and developments over a period of time. Some bits are also used for reference throughout the site.

More material is currently being mastered and will be added shortly to bring the album up to its full length.

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Created in Ranum Studio 7
Composed, Produced and Performed by Jesper Ranum
© KODA/NCB 2018