Posted on 25/03/2018

Jesper Ranum

Modular Mindsets

MODULAR MINDSETS En teknologisk fetisch-borg med et spindelvæv af kabler der forbinder det uforklarlige med det umulige, og producerer lyde, der veksler fra det subtilt ambiente, over tinnitusfremkaldende hipster-støjmure og bassdrum-pounding multigrooves, til en absurd suppe af blips og blops, der er mest interessant for udøveren. DINOSAURERNES GENFØDSEL Igennem de seneste 5 år har modular [...]

Posted on 26/06/2016

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Lost in the options

Too much of a good thing? Many electronic musicians and producers have gathered large collections of instruments, plug-ins and devices in order to be as flexible as possible. But in many cases this flexibility can slow down your creativity, as you are struggling to choose which option to use for the current task. Jack of all […]

Posted on 19/06/2016

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The Vocal Dilemma

The hen or the egg? Everyone making modern pop music has probably been in one of the following dilemmas: “I have this great little pop song, but how do I make an interesting musical scenario around it, without messing up the simple appeal of the song?” “I have a great instrumental track, but how do I […]

Posted on 25/05/2016

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Forced limitations

How far can you go with one sound, if you use all available treatments to it? I’d dare to say about all the way to a finished piece of music. A single basic sound source can be treated to perform almost any musical role. This was actually also the basic philosophy behind the first analog […]

Posted on 24/05/2016

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Extreme Timestretching

Timestretching audio became a household term with the advent of Akai’s S-1000 sampler in 1988. A special feature in the sampler allows you stretch out the duration of the sample by adding extra samples that are interpolated values in between the original samples. This gives quite a dramatic and robotic effect, that was widely used […]

Posted on 18/05/2016

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Mix De-compositions

Sometimes you need to do further work on a piece, but you only have a full stereo mix. This can be the case for remixes or mixtapes, and for creative re-use of your own past creations. [gdlr_quote align=”center” ]A full stereo mix, although seemingly limited, is a valuable source of musical material, if you take the time to de-compose […]

Posted on 17/05/2016

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Shuffled Playback

In line with the many other randomized and algorithmic experiments, I have looked into the consequences and pitfalls with shuffled playback of pieces. It is appealing, that the user will get a new and surprising experience every time they turn to your platform. But it also puts high demands on consistency and quality, since ANY […]

Posted on 17/05/2016

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Oblique Strategies – Extended

I have always been a big fan of Brian Eno‘s “Oblique Strategies” concept. The thought of letting chance influence on your work is very appealing, since it prevents you from being stuck in comfort zones and “business as usual”. The random concept was already put to use early on, e.g. on chord selections, and arrangement decisions. The […]

Posted on 14/05/2016

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Coincidental remixing

The Fluxic way of remixing stuff is somewhat deviant from general practices. By isolating the various elements of a track, and then preparing and looping that information algorithmically you will get a coincidental sequence of the elements that will produce results, ranging from the brillant to the useless. Depending on the raw material, this method […]