Posted on 02/10/2016

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Fluxic Subscores: “Hauntsville Chambers”

  [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] Haunting modular soundscape [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#703232″ ] “A howling wind runs through the corridors. Echoes of vast machines are reflected deep from within the core. Materialized organic railways pass by in hectic rushes, as the shadow of doom lures in the horizon.” [/gdlr_styled_box] [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] Only […]

Posted on 05/06/2016

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“Robocon” Generative algorithmic interpretation

“Robocon”: Generative, autonomous 90 minute music piece. In 1974-75 the German electronic music group “Tangerine Dream” released the albums “Phaedra” and “Rubycon” which used the synthesizers and sequencing in an innovative way. Along with the Kraftwerk albums from the same period, they were highly innovative and paved the way for current ambient and trance music. […]

Posted on 24/05/2016

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Extreme Timestretching

Timestretching audio became a household term with the advent of Akai’s S-1000 sampler in 1988. A special feature in the sampler allows you stretch out the duration of the sample by adding extra samples that are interpolated values in between the original samples. This gives quite a dramatic and robotic effect, that was widely used […]

Posted on 05/04/2013

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Pop Missiles: “Take it Outside”

  [10969-116]  (3:08)  A catchy, delicate and airy hymn to spring. [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#51366b” corner_color=”#51366b” ]”The lazy sunlight falls through the window. Distant children’s voices echo in the backyard, merging with the merry chirps from the sparrows. There’s a certain tension in the air. Something undefinable but powerful. And suddenly I […]

Posted on 23/03/2004

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Fluxic: “Eat Weed”

The original version of this track was made in 2003 and can be heard below. An uplifting track with a light rhythmic backbone and a catchy thematic hook. In March 2016, the track was prepared for live performance and may be performed in the Fluxic Studio Concerts. The video version is the live version from […]

Posted on 10/05/1999

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Fluxic: “Second”. A generative predecessor

  “Second” is a predecessor to the current Fluxic line of experimental algorithmic tracks. Sequenced & recorded in 1997, the track is a quasi-live (sequenced) recording with no overdubs, directly to CD. An arbitrary selection of sounds, featuring arrangement randomizing & event probability. The track maintains a calm, steady atmosphere, with no – or very little – repetition […]