Posted on 05/03/1985

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Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter

The Roland MKS-80 was launched as a rack successor to the big and beautiful Jupiter-8 synth – the unofficial king of the 80s polysynths. The MKS-80 had several additions to the JP-8, with MIDI and Velocity response as the most important. This made the instrument a lot more expressive, than the sweet sounding but more static […]

Posted on 18/10/1984

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Roland SBX-80 Sync Box

It may seem odd today, but the Roland SBX-80 sync box was a real relief for syncing up MIDI sequencers to analog tape recorders. Released in the mid 80s, it was the perfect companion for e.g Rolands own MSQ-700 and MSQ-100 MIDI sequencers, but could be used with anything that slaves to MIDI sync. After […]

Posted on 30/09/1984

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Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

Since the early days of electronic music, the Vocoder has always had it’s place. Originally invented to reinforce intelligibility of telephone calls, the vocoder was soon abused by electronic musicians to make synthetic voices and other spectral processing. Early albums such as Wendy Carlos’ “A clockwork orange”, “Tales of Mysery and Imagination” by Alan Parsons […]

Posted on 12/05/1984

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Steinberg Pro-16 Sequencer Software

Handling a new standard In 1983 a new technology swept across the musical landscape, and in very short time sent the CV/Gate based synthesizer gear to the corner. A common standard for exchange of musical data between electronic instruments, first agreed upon between Roland, Sequential and Yamaha. This new standard was called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital […]

Posted on 06/11/1983

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Amdek CMU-800 CompuMusic

After having used – and loved – the Roland MC-4B Microcomposer for quite a few years, I was looking for something similar, but with better editing facilities and file system. The arcane cassette interface for the MC-4B was slow and unreliable unless you had the dedicated hardware cassette unit, which was quite expensive. So when […]

Posted on 07/02/1982

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Roland SH-5A Synthesizer

When the Roland SH-5 suitcase synth was launched it was quite a different machine from the standard MiniMoogs, Micromoogs and Arp Odysseys of the days. It owned and used the SH-5 for a long period, and looking back I should never have parted with it. Expanded feature set The SH-5 builds on Roland first professional synth, the already […]