Posted on 01/10/1986

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Moog System 35 Modular Synthesizer

STUDIOGEARSYNTHESIZERSMODULAR A LEGENDARY CENTREPIECE The Moog System 35 Synthesizer is the heart of Ranum Studio Copenhagens large Modular System. Produced in 1979, this is a truly magnificent piece of equipment with military grade components, beautifully soldered and mounted in a wooden cabinet. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY I had the luck of being offered the Moog [...]

Posted on 07/02/1982

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Roland SH-5A Synthesizer

When the Roland SH-5 suitcase synth was launched it was quite a different machine from the standard MiniMoogs, Micromoogs and Arp Odysseys of the days. It owned and used the SH-5 for a long period, and looking back I should never have parted with it. Expanded feature set The SH-5 builds on Roland first professional synth, the already […]

Posted on 01/10/1976

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Moog Sonic 6 Synthesizer

The first synthesizer I acquired was the rather special Moog Sonic 6, which lacked some of the MiniMoog's performance features, but offered quite a lot more possibilities for experimentation. It still had the fat Moog filter sound, but the limited Envelope Generator somewhat narrows its potential for traditional musical synth sounds. The Sonic 6 was originally [...]