Posted on 11/04/2017

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Bløndal Studio

ANOTHER HOME AWAY FROM HOME Before opening my own commercial facility in 1986 I worked for quite a long period in the Hjörtur Bløndal Studio, located in the same building in Gammel Kongevej 47B, 4th floor, where I later opened my studio. The Icelandic born Bløndal was another early synth adaptor, collector and studio owner, […]

Posted on 16/11/2016

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Ranum: “Not that Easy” (Video)

Medium tempo, sticky, melancholic, slowly building.  [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#324928″ ] “I think to myself that life would be so much better without you. When it suddenly becomes reality, how come that the good moments tend to reappear and the small devil starts talking in my ear? Deep inside I know that […]

Posted on 01/10/2016

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Elektronisk Musik Danmark

On October, 1., a new association for Electronic Music – Elektronisk Musik Danmark – was formed. It’s purpose is to inform about electronic music and work for it to be accepted as an established art form, facilitate networking and influence the political decision takers. Previously In Denmark, the electronic music community has been very scattered among […]

Posted on 25/08/2016

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Search for Instruments and Machines

Now that we’re already in the nerd department, let me introduce you to “Instrument Search”. search for “Instruments” – tracks that include certain instruments – traditional or electronic. search for “Machines” – tracks where a specific synth or electronic unit was used. These searches are found in the “Music Search Matrix”, available on all content sites. […]

Posted on 19/02/2015

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Ranum: “Destination: Unknown” (video)

Moderately slow, melancholic and epic.  [gdlr_video url=”” ]   [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#324928″ ] “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving!”, you shout, as you slam the door and walk away. Silently hoping that they will feel great remorse and loss, once they realize that you are gone. Standing determined angry on the empty train station, waiting for the […]

Posted on 05/04/2013

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Pop Missiles: “Take it Outside”

  [10969-116]  (3:08)  A catchy, delicate and airy hymn to spring. [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] [gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#51366b” corner_color=”#51366b” ]”The lazy sunlight falls through the window. Distant children’s voices echo in the backyard, merging with the merry chirps from the sparrows. There’s a certain tension in the air. Something undefinable but powerful. And suddenly I […]

Posted on 05/03/2012

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Magento and The Indian team

Choosing online platform When the functionality map had been drawn for the Fluxic Expanding Meta Work project, it was a question of settling on a platform that could handle the requirements. The original design was planned to handle searching, presentation and sale of music downloads and images, and after a thorough analysis I decided that the Magento […]