Posted on 18/04/1995

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Akai DP-88 Digital Patchbay

[gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] The digital detangler. This is one of those boxes for the recording studio that does not make a sound of its own, but makes life a whole lot easier especially for large setups. The Akai DP-88 allows you repatch your full digital audio setup in a split second, by using the […]

Posted on 18/10/1984

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Roland SBX-80 Sync Box

It may seem odd today, but the Roland SBX-80 sync box was a real relief for syncing up MIDI sequencers to analog tape recorders. Released in the mid 80s, it was the perfect companion for e.g Rolands own MSQ-700 and MSQ-100 MIDI sequencers, but could be used with anything that slaves to MIDI sync. After […]

Posted on 06/11/1983

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Amdek CMU-800 CompuMusic

After having used – and loved – the Roland MC-4B Microcomposer for quite a few years, I was looking for something similar, but with better editing facilities and file system. The arcane cassette interface for the MC-4B was slow and unreliable unless you had the dedicated hardware cassette unit, which was quite expensive. So when […]

Posted on 01/01/1981

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Roland MC-4B Microcomposer

A big - and more expensive - step up from the standard monophonic digital sequencers of the days were the multichannel MicroComposers from Roland. THE BIGGER BROTHER First launched was the MC-8 MicroComposer, which was big, bulky and very expensive. Prominently used by e.g. Kraftwerk, Human League, Giorgio Moroder, Isao Tomita and other heavyweight electronic [...]

Posted on 10/05/1980

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PPG Wave 2 Synthesizers

A sound innovator Wolfgang Palm is a leading synthesizer hardware designer from Germany, who started out building custom accessories and modular synthesizers under the name “PPG”. The product were originally custom made for  professional users, like the German “Berlin-school” electronic band Tangerine Dream . The wavetable synths But Palms real innovation was probably his work with Wavetables – […]