Posted on 22/04/2016

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Stream Tease

In 2016 Fluxic has started doing regular, improvised live performances in the studio for a small audience. In order to reach a wider audience, the concerts will be live streamed during 2016. A 4 camera setup has been installed in the studio, that will provide the images for the Wirecast software hosted by a Mac Pro. Experiments […]

Posted on 01/06/1985

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The Yellow Band Van

Bringing out the goods DeFilm eventually got their own band car – a yellow Ford Transit formerly used by the Postal Service. This was used to carry the gear back and forth between gigs, and often some members snook in the back also. Only problem was, that someone had to stay sober enough to actually […]

Posted on 31/03/1981

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THE NEO WAVE Kraftwerk and Brian Eno's work with Roxy Music and Bowie (especially on "Low" and "Heroes") showed a new direction for pop music, paving the way for New Wave and New Romantics bands like Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Ultravox, Human League, Depeche Mode, Visage, Simple Minds and Devo. These were among the inspirations [...]