Posted on 05/03/1985

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Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter

The Roland MKS-80 was launched as a rack successor to the big and beautiful Jupiter-8 synth – the unofficial king of the 80s polysynths. The MKS-80 had several additions to the JP-8, with MIDI and Velocity response as the most important. This made the instrument a lot more expressive, than the sweet sounding but more static […]

Posted on 01/01/1985

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Akai S-612 Sampler

Akais first serious shot at a MIDI controlled digital sampler. The S-612 is really simple to operate: It is basically Record, Set Start/End and Play. It records at 12bit, 32Khz, and has a recording time of 8 seconds total. The resulting sample can be player with 6-voice polyphony. It offers a Sound-on-Sound function where you […]

Posted on 18/10/1984

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Roland SBX-80 Sync Box

It may seem odd today, but the Roland SBX-80 sync box was a real relief for syncing up MIDI sequencers to analog tape recorders. Released in the mid 80s, it was the perfect companion for e.g Rolands own MSQ-700 and MSQ-100 MIDI sequencers, but could be used with anything that slaves to MIDI sync. After […]

Posted on 13/08/1984

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Writing the TC-2290 manual

[gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] A Danish classic A real studio classic, and a classy piece of engineering. The “TC-2290 Programmable Digital Delay and Effects Control Processor”- or just TC-2290 – by Danish company TC Group (formerly TC Electronics) has found a place in most high end studios across the world. Writing the manual Being deeply […]

Posted on 12/05/1984

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Steinberg Pro-16 Sequencer Software

Handling a new standard In 1983 a new technology swept across the musical landscape, and in very short time sent the CV/Gate based synthesizer gear to the corner. A common standard for exchange of musical data between electronic instruments, first agreed upon between Roland, Sequential and Yamaha. This new standard was called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital […]