Posted on 11/05/2017

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Fluxic: “AutoHouse”

“How many computer decisions can you apply to a piece of music and still get meaningful music out”? I have asked myself this question many times and conducted numerous experiments on the subject. And this track is one such experiment. Extracting the DNA Choosing House music as an example I skimmed the BeatPort “Deep House” […]

Posted on 18/10/2016

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Fluxic: “Incognito Affairs” (Video)   Super funky composite and intricate electronic groove track. Track was built around a Reaktor Gobox jam. The bass part was step-sequenced, and landed out quite well. Somehow the track has a secret, sneaky and "undercover" vibe, which provided the title. The hectic, yet tranquil feel, inspired Danish veteran video editing ace Hans Bundsgaard to compose a video [...]