Posted on 01/05/2016

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2 Songs recorded in Thai

POP MISSILES  |  Songs recorded in Thai 2 Pop Missiles songs – “Restless Night” and “Photograph” – have been recorded in Thai language during the summer. These are some of the first Pop Missiles songs to be finalized, so the music was already recorded. The lyrics have been beautifully translated by Timmy Petchabun, into a sophisticated, […]

Posted on 01/10/2015

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2015 Advertising Effectiveness Award – Rema-1000

In 2015 my long term client and collaboration partner, advertising agency Winther’s, received the Advertising Effectiveness Award, for their campaigns for the Norwegian controlled supermarket chain “Rema-1000″. Having been the Voiceover artist for the Rema-1000 TVCs for a long time, I naturally also took pride in this. Rema-1000 has for several consecutive years been the most succesful of the Danish […]

Posted on 20/05/2009

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Filled with AIR

One day around noon the phone rang. A voice from the national Danish Broadcasting service – Danmarks Radio – asked if I had some available time in the studio that same afternoon. Not for music recording, but to have some special guests interviewed, who would like to do the interview in front of a modular synthesizer. At […]

Posted on 28/04/2006

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The Spielberg Incident

I have had a few incidents that made me wonder “Where it did that come from”? One such incident was the production of an international Nokia commercial (“Connecting People” – remember?), that was linked to the launch of a new Steven Spielberg movie – “Minority report” – featuring Tom Cruise. Via a Danish agency – DanesAdWork […]

Posted on 01/07/1997

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The first Ranum website

Establishing the Home Base. In the mid 90’s it became increasingly clear that Internet was about to take off big time. And that it would be useful for someone like myself. So without knowing too much about that new technology, I rushed to acquire some strategic domain names to be prepared for the things to […]