Posted on 04/08/2016

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Envelope Generators – An overview

Child of many names… Envelope generators also have many alternative names and abbreviations: “Contour Generator”, “EG”, “ADSR”, “AR”, “ASR”, “ADHSR, “DADHSR” “Trapezoid Generator”…. They may have different feature sets, but the main purpose for all of them is to generate a voltage contour, going from zero to a number of values and back to zero […]

Posted on 03/08/2016

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Voltage Controlled Switches

This way – or that way? The Voltage Controlled Switch is a less common module in a modular synth. As the name implies it is a circuit that can switch connections depending on voltage level. And it has some great creative potential. One way… Use 2 input sources, and let the switch determine which of the sources will […]

Posted on 26/06/2016

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Sound Generators: An overview

The basic sound providers in electronic instruments A key component of electronic music systems is the electronic oscillator or waveform generator, capable of producing everything from basic synth waveforms to complex, evolving electronic waveforms within the full audible (and inaudible) spectrum. Sound generators come in a variety of shapes, from very basic to highly complex. Typical controls Most sound generators [...]

Posted on 03/02/2016

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Qu-Bit: Nebulae

Acquired: September 2015 This excellent Eurorack module can be used and abused in many interesting ways. It is featured quite heavily in Fluxic Live Studio Concerts. The unit can read WAV samples off a USB memory stick, and grainify them under voltage control. Check it out on MuffWiggler  

Posted on 19/02/2015

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MakeNoise Mysteron

FM or Physical Modelling or…? The Mysteron Eurorack module from MakeNoise is a very potent sound source – especially for hard, percussive and plucked tonal sounds. It can be used by completely itself, simply by triggering the “Excite” inputs. In fact you must trigger the Excite inputs to get sound out of the Mysteron. The sound […]

Posted on 12/02/2014

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The Ranum Eurorack Modular System

Read more: The Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Format REBIRTH OF FLEXIBILITY In recent years the modular synthesizer format has generated a lot of renewed interest. The standardised open rack format - Eurorack - conceived by German synth legend Dieter Doepfer, has spawned a whole range of small specialised manufacturers, who make modules for the format. With currently more than [...]

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Moog MoogerFooger FreqBox MF-107

Two minds alike In a famous collaboration with Harold Bode, Robert Moog and Bode constructed a Frequency Shifter, that was an optional and special module for the Moog Modular systems. It found it’s place large systems like Keith Emerson’s, but is quite rare as a module. The original modular Moog/Bode Frequency Shifter Pedalize it As part […]