Posted on 24/04/2017

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[gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”100%” ] The new Epicenter For the last 10 years the Copenhagen association “STRØM” has arranged events, urban festivals, and promoted electronic music in Denmark. And has been steadily growing each year. Head of Strøm – Frederik Birket-Smith – and his team have been avidly fighting for funding and acceptance of the community […]

Posted on 10/10/2016

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Lars HUG retires from music

Danish singer Lars HUG (Lars Haagensen) announces, that he will no longer make music, probably to pursue his succesful painting career. I worked together with him on many occasions and for extended periods, and there is no doubt he has paid his musical dues. Even though working with Lars was not always pleasant – as witnessed in the recent documentary about […]

Posted on 01/10/2016

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Elektronisk Musik Danmark

On October, 1., a new association for Electronic Music – Elektronisk Musik Danmark – was formed. It’s purpose is to inform about electronic music and work for it to be accepted as an established art form, facilitate networking and influence the political decision takers. Previously In Denmark, the electronic music community has been very scattered among […]

Posted on 01/03/1990

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The 50-50 Deal with Danish Film

Rebels in the film business In 1990 a special proposition (called “Fifty-fifty ordningen”) was made by the government, regarding the financing of the Danish popular movie productions. It was decided that a production company should come up with 50% of the budget for their film, before the Danish national FIlm Council would put up with the […]