Posted on 03/06/1986

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Quantec QRS/XL Room Simulator

After recording many albums in Denmarks internationally recognized “PUK” Recording Studios in the 1980s, and using the many devices in tha studio, I fell in love with one of the first professional digital reverberators – the Quantec Room Simulator. It featured some wild ambiences and reverbs, which could sound both very natural and very artificial […]

Posted on 01/04/1986

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Oberheim Xpander

The Oberheim Xpander was a very ambitious synth for the time (1984). It features a very flexible analog subtractive engine, and adds a Modulation Matrix that gives it a lot of extra flexibility compared to fixed signal path synths prevalent of the period. It’s 6 voice can be split in 6 fully independent monophonic synths, […]

Posted on 09/11/1985

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Oberheim DPX-1 Sample Player

The Emu Emulator II is a nice machine, but originally came with a semi-hefty price tag that limited owners to recording studios and wealthy musicians. The sound library was available both on Floppy Disks and CD-ROM. The CD-ROM version is much more practical, since it contains a large library on each disc, with only little swapping of […]