Posted on 11/04/2017

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Bløndal Studio

ANOTHER HOME AWAY FROM HOME Before opening my own commercial facility in 1986 I worked for quite a long period in the Hjörtur Bløndal Studio, located in the same building in Gammel Kongevej 47B, 4th floor, where I later opened my studio. The Icelandic born Bløndal was another early synth adaptor, collector and studio owner, […]

Posted on 03/11/2016

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New Modular Block on the Block

A new wing has been added to the Modular System, featuring some very exciting new modules. You can get details, reviews and sound examples of many modules by clicking their name. Mutable: Clouds MakeNoise: Erbe-Verb Jomox: T-Rackonizer Filter Matrix GinkoSynthese: Sampleslicer Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb AJH Synth: MiniMod Befaco: BF-22 Sallen-Key Filter Roland: Demora Doepfer: […]

Posted on 25/07/2016

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Managing Large Sound Libraries

Piling up During the course of time you probably collect a large collection of audio snippets, samples, loops and recordings. Maybe you bought some commercial sample libraries or sound effects collections. Or subscribed to audio magazines that supply samples with each issue, Your virtual instruments and audio programs often also come with healthy selections of […]

Posted on 31/03/2016

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Roland JP-08 Boutique

It is not the size that matters.... The Fluxic synth collection has been expanded by 2 Roland JP-08 Boutique "Jupiters". Although not a full Jupiter-8, it has roughly the same architecture, and brings back the tactile interface, the fat sound and the fast editing. I owned an original Jupiter-8 from 1984 to 1986. It was coupled [...]

Posted on 12/03/2016

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Mix Randomization

In the last few months, I have created and experimented with a randomized mixing system, which provides a new way of interacting with the computer. The custom system has been created in Logic Pro X’s dreaded environment, which provides for very advanced ways of manipulating MIDI and controller data. Upon request the computer offers a random mix […]