Posted on 17/05/2017

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Roland Jupiter-6 Analog Poly Synth

A different creature If you believe that a Roland Jupiter-6 is simply a boiled down version of the Jupiter-8, think again. The Jupiter-6 has got a different filter and synth engine. The addition of a true multimode filter (LPF/BPF/HPF) expands the sonic possibilities of the single synth engine. But the Jupiter-8’s ability to layer 2 different patches gives […]

Posted on 01/10/1986

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Moog System 35 Modular Synthesizer

STUDIOGEARSYNTHESIZERSMODULAR A LEGENDARY CENTREPIECE The Moog System 35 Synthesizer is the heart of Ranum Studio Copenhagens large Modular System. Produced in 1979, this is a truly magnificent piece of equipment with military grade components, beautifully soldered and mounted in a wooden cabinet. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY I had the luck of being offered the Moog [...]

Posted on 01/04/1986

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Oberheim Xpander

The Oberheim Xpander was a very ambitious synth for the time (1984). It features a very flexible analog subtractive engine, and adds a Modulation Matrix that gives it a lot of extra flexibility compared to fixed signal path synths prevalent of the period. It’s 6 voice can be split in 6 fully independent monophonic synths, […]

Posted on 02/02/1985

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Linn LM-2 “LinnDrum” Drum Machine

Thud-tick-whack-tick… The LM-2 drum machine from Roger Linn is an absolute classic, and the model you probably refer to when mentioning “LinnDrum”. Incidentally this is also printed in large letters on the front. When first launched it was considered to be one of the most realistic sounding drum machines. Countless classic hit records have been made with – or […]

Posted on 01/01/1985

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Akai S-612 Sampler

Akais first serious shot at a MIDI controlled digital sampler. The S-612 is really simple to operate: It is basically Record, Set Start/End and Play. It records at 12bit, 32Khz, and has a recording time of 8 seconds total. The resulting sample can be player with 6-voice polyphony. It offers a Sound-on-Sound function where you […]

Posted on 30/09/1984

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Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

Since the early days of electronic music, the Vocoder has always had it’s place. Originally invented to reinforce intelligibility of telephone calls, the vocoder was soon abused by electronic musicians to make synthetic voices and other spectral processing. Early albums such as Wendy Carlos’ “A clockwork orange”, “Tales of Mysery and Imagination” by Alan Parsons […]

Posted on 12/05/1984

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Steinberg Pro-16 Sequencer Software

Handling a new standard In 1983 a new technology swept across the musical landscape, and in very short time sent the CV/Gate based synthesizer gear to the corner. A common standard for exchange of musical data between electronic instruments, first agreed upon between Roland, Sequential and Yamaha. This new standard was called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital […]

Posted on 01/01/1983

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EMS Synthi-100 Modular Synthesizer

EMS (Electronic Music Systems) is a somewhat less known manufacturer of synthesizers than the more household names, such as Moog, ARP, Roland, Korg etc. But nevertheless the company has produced some very influential and powerful synths. The best known model is probably the VCS-3 synthesizer, which appeared in a few variations, such the "Putney", "Synthi [...]